Monday, 16 May 2011

Ideas/work in progress

This is showing the barrier set and the the cling film i will wrap my space in.
The plot: waiting to break free of the protective barrier my parents have enveloped me in, to step into my own.It starts with a maze, representing my frantic search of a 'rebellious space' where i can be me and discover. The maze is breaking the set path controlled (by toothpicks) and directed by my family, culture, life.The scene i have frozen on is my room which is central to this search where i have broken free and am no longer waiting to step into my own.
This is showing the central space that i am going to use as my setting.
This represents the 5 objects i'll be using: heel shoes, mac and YSL makeup, jewellry (earrings, necklaces) and fancy perfume. All represent objects that will be either smashed, or pushed into the wall or broken in some way to show how i've broken free in my central 'rebellious' space; my room.

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