Monday, 16 May 2011

Travelling. One awaits upon their arrival, in a situation where the passage of time is all that is substantial. In an event where the stillness of time contradicts the motion of travel, where in the end, the stillness is all that remains. Stillness floats within time and motion and one ends up suspended in time.

The surroundings are unsettling, appearing trapped in time. The chair rocks until it fades, the wheel rolls till it collides; the swing continues moving. In the background the radio carries on broadcasting, the newspaper is constantly published. Time defines the objects and the objects abstract time through motion. The absence of purpose for them right now, however, causes disengagement from time; suspension in time.

(i still havent sourced my objects, as i have to make some of them myself. i will publish photos of them as soon as i have them collected)

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