Monday, 16 May 2011

Waiting Proposal - Lawrence Lynch


A ship is making the treacherous journey through the waters of Antarctica. Cautiously it squirms through the oncoming ice, until it succumbs and is engulfed by a thick ice flow, trapping it in its clutches. Relentlessly, the ice squeezes, crushing its hull. As the ship falls the ice draws in once more, suspending it in its descent. Frozen in time it waits for spring when it can finally be put to rest. Those that survive salvage what they can from the wreckage and set up home beneath an upturned lifeboat which might one day carry them to safety. The lifeboat itself lies helplessly on the ice’s surface, stranded, until it is once again surrounded by water. It too, frozen in time, is waiting to come to life, just as the motionless ice becomes moving, living water.

Set Design Sketch

I would construct the various sections of boat out of stained balsa wood.

The flailing rigging and sails are supposed to emphasise the ships suspension in time as the drama unfolds. I am considering coating them in a clear glue or liquid resin so that they appear to have frozen in the wind.

The ice base might be a sheet of perspex.

Concept watercolour of a boat waiting on the ice

I hope to use a similar colour scheme in the model to capture the emotion of the scene.


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  1. Beautiful!!! love it!!!you have it got it !!!the concept of waiting for the ice to melt!! a clear narrative and beautiful plot and characters!! love it..nice sketches too and choice of materials.any chance we can laser cut the perspex to show broken ice... dont want to see a flat sheet of ice..
    another main thing can we not have all the items inside of a box... think not only inside out and but also outside in.. start building .. you will get an image of the model tonight and we can go through how to make the model more exciting when we meet tomorrow.