Monday, 16 May 2011

Waiting for Interview - Javier Andana Rasul


A person is waiting for his turn for a job interview. There are quite a few selected candidates and they are not sure when is their turn for the interview. As he watches his competitors went in and out of the interview room, he begins to wonders if this is going to last forever, with high hopes that the next person to be interviewed would be him. Time is certainly flying real slowly and he finds himself occupying himself by staring at the door of the interview room and the clock, which are the only few articles found in the waiting area. Each time someone comes out of the room, and someone else is called before his turn,

he restarts his waiting moment of uncertainty filled with anxiety and nervousness.

The Set

The set would consist of two areas - the waiting areas and the interviewing room. The focus would be at the waiting area, which is quite small and dull.

The model would be made up of two walls. The first one is a wall that separates the waiting area and the interview room. This would be made up of straight materials like cardboards or timber. The second wall is a curved wall that define the boundary of the waiting area. This will be made up of timber dowels.


(These are some small objects that I can find. I was thinking to represent my characters with different style Chess pieces, assuming I could source them).


1 comment:

  1. love it! really like the idea of using chess characters ..the objects that you found ..are they related to what you are doing??
    like the idea of the two spaces contradicting each other.
    but you need to work more on capturing the essence of waiting for an interview. it might help to start naming the person.. personalise your narrative further ..really create a plot , a play.
    also capturing the essence of the tension that one goes through before an interview is very very very important and you need to show it in you waiting space. but go for it as you work more into it you can build this tension further.. ..sketch!! :)