Sunday, 8 May 2011

Meditation - The waiting and striving for enlightenment ; Gediminas Stasaitis ; c1002511

The picture is not done by me. This is the most basic idea and direction of what I am going to do, which also interests me. During meditation you submerge in deep thought, even though it feels like a long time, actually a few moments pass, your state of mind changes ect. This needs more research, but this is the direction I am heading.

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  1. It doesnt matter if the picture is done by you ; not for now. But its imporatnt of what it communicates. Needs more work. If one is to show meditation how can this communicate time istelf. Is one mediatting for one minute ( which feels like an hour )or for a year. What is going through one's mind when one meditates. Can you show this mental waiting spaces. The chakras doesnt show any of this. Like the concept but visuals needs lot more work. The narrative needs to a story not a fact about meditation. Create a story about this mental awaiting.
    Hope this helps .