Monday, 16 May 2011


They both lived trapped in the feeling of loneliness that kept them away from the joy of life. - Exactly, as most of the people you see walking past you in the street. They go to different directions, they follow different paths but they have one thing in common; they feel lonely, depressed, abandoned. - She was blind living a present without future and he was living a present trapped in his painful past. For them, finding someone to love, someone who will respect them for what they really are, was simply a dream. Or at least, that’s what they believed. The question is, how long can you wait until love finds you?

-The mirror is like the eyes she doesn’t have and the confidence he does not have.

-The mirror is their reality and what is behind it may be their ‘future’

-The threads represent the people walking in the streets

-fiber optics enhance the existence of the two people – blind and depressed- that are waiting for someone to change their life.

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  1. Mirrors, fibre-optics, the streets,, you have it all.. fantastic choice of ingredients..
    personalise the narrative.. give names to your characters.. describe the street a little bit.. create a play.. sketches are good.. start the model.. as you build you will need to get out of the grid a little bit..capture the anticipation of the emotions.. but i think just start building and you will get there.. post the work in progress model image tonight.